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Manufacturing Products

 Leather Wet End Chemicals
 Leather Finishing Chemicals
 Leather Aricol Dyes
 Leather Binders
 Leather Feel Modifiers
Textile Processing Chemicals
 Construction Chemicals

Trading Products  
 Rubber Chemicals
 Pigment Products
 Solvent Dyes
 Textile Dyes
Cocoa Powder

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Name of Compound

Main Characteristics & Application

Accelerator TMT An Ultra fast Accelerator for NR, SBR, BR, NBR & EPDM compounds. Excellent Booster for Thiazole & Sulphenamides. Used in Manufacturing of Autotyres, tubes, cycle tyres, conveyor & transmission belting, retreading materials & hot air cured products.
Accelerator ZDC An Ultra fast Accelerator for NR latex based compounds for dry rubber based sulfur based cured compounds used for manufacturing of latex foam, coir, latex threads, tubing, prevulcanised lattices, gloves (Surgical and Industrial), condoms, balloons, rubber bands, carpet backingand latex adhesives.   
Accelerator ZMBT An Semi fast Accelerator for NR and other latex based compounds used along with ZDC, ZDBC, &ZDMC used for the manufacturing of latex foam, coir foam, carpet backing and other latex based products & Dry rubber based compounds like footwear soles and heels and other molded and extruded goods.
Accelerator CBS Safe and Delayed action accelerator for NR, SBR, BR, NBR  and other sulfur cured unsaturated rubbers. Practically used in all rubber application like auto tyres, cycle tyres, tubes belting, tyre retreading & various footwear hoses, cables and molded & extruded products.
Accelerator MBTS An Semi Ultra fast Accelerator for NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR and other unsaturated  Rubbers. Along with booster accelerators used in manufacturing of motor cycle, scooter tyres, butyl tubes, belting, footwear hot air  cured products and other molded & extruded products.  
Accelerator F An Semi Ultra fast Accelerator for NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR based polymer bleads used in the manufacturing of white / transparent and colored goods, footwear microcellular sheets, molded soles & heels, rubber rollers, cable ebonites and hot air cured products. 
Antioxidant SP oil An inexpensive Antioxidant for NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR, CR based white an transparent goods, stabilizer for synthetic rubbers and plastics  with 2-MBI offers synergetic effect to improve heat ageing resistance. Used in the manufacture of footwear, sports goods, hot water bottles, cut threads, latex foam, coir foam, Gloves, condoms, teats, ballons etc.

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